Agile Designs Solo Soundproof Office Pod

Put your laptop on the table, sit comfortably on an adjustable stool and get started.
  • Escape the crowds & increase productivity
  • Ideal for important calling appointments & video calling
  • Excellent ergonomics

Phone calls and video conferencing at rest. The acoustically shielded interior offers plenty of space for one person. Agile Design Pod  provides a calm atmosphere & privacy for important phone calls without disturbing colleagues.

  • Colors and accessories are customizable
  • Fast delivery
  • Free assembly & shipping 

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✍ Exterior/Interior Colors

✍ Number of sockets

✍ With or without LAN connection



Sound insulation

Environmental protection

1 person


Power, USB & LAN



Industry-leading sound insulation

We don't want to give too much credit, but we are proud of the Agile Design rating in the new ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation. We've taken impressive steps to reduce the level of speech that can be tapped outside the office pod in the office. This means you never have to worry about overhearing private conversations or disturbing your colleagues, even if the pod is placed near open desks.

Privacy pod in the office
Phone Booth office pod

Video calling and telephony calls

The new way of working

The corona crisis has made us observe that the new way of working will remain. Communicating remotely by means of zoom meetings or talking to each other more often by telephone, we do more and more remote communication. With the Agile
Designs Pods have you a perfect match for these new developments.

visually - inside and out

The admired signature design of Agile Design pods suits open plan offices. Our accessories and color schemes suit all styles and needs and - if you need a super flexible solution - add wheels. Our durable, high-quality materials guarantee an exceptional user experience.

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