more satisfaction

The employees are happier and more successful.

The use of office pods has a major positive impact on the overall working atmosphere in the workplace.



A high-quality telephone box for the office that is not only stylish and simple, but also incredibly effective acoustically!

We do our bit for the environment

Planting trees

The office pods from Agile Designs are made exclusively from recyclable materials. And plant anyway 10 trees in Madagascar per Office pod sold.

What do we stand for

Happiness & Satisfaction

We are the creators of the Agile Design product line. With 5 years of service in an international market, we are experts in designing flexible workplaces. During each of these 5 years, we have analyzed global trends and best practices within offices around the world. Why? To understand what employees and employers need.

What we have learned is this:

Needs change every quarter. To keep up with this change, employees need interior solutions that are flexible in design. That's why we use our specialty in office furniture manufacturing to create products that are flexible at a higher level. Products like the office pod: acoustic pods that keep up with change. Our passion is to provide people with a workplace that meets their needs.

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