We compensate our soundproof pods

To offset the carbon footprint of our office pods, we give away NFTrees, which represent the planting of actual trees. These trees absorb CO2 and contribute to reforestation efforts.

Our tree planting project in the Amazon rainforest not only helps to reduce carbon emissions but also has a positive social impact. By empowering local communities and promoting sustainable agriculture, Carbify improves food security through the use of fruits and nuts.

Carbify plants additional trees in the Amazon rainforest, which also help to absorb CO2.

We plant trees in the Amazon rainforest, which will result in:

Enhanced food security
The local communities collect and sell the fruits, and 100% of the profits are used for food security.

Global warming is a pressing concern that requires immediate action.

We provide expert education to improve the yield and price of the fruits, which are then sold on the world market.

more satisfaction

The employees are happier and more successful.

The use of office pods has a major positive impact on the overall working atmosphere in the workplace.



A high-quality telephone box for the office that is not only stylish and simple, but also incredibly effective acoustically!

What do we stand for

Happiness & Satisfaction

We are the creators of the Agile Design product line. With 5 years of service in an international market, we are experts in designing flexible workplaces. During each of these 5 years, we have analyzed global trends and best practices within offices around the world. Why? To understand what employees and employers need.

What we have learned is this:

Needs change every quarter. To keep up with this change, employees need interior solutions that are flexible in design. That's why we use our specialty in office furniture manufacturing to create products that are flexible at a higher level. Products like the office pod: acoustic pods that keep up with change. Our passion is to provide people with a workplace that meets their needs.

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