Revolutionizing Workspaces: 10 Irresistible Reasons Why Soundproof Office Pods are Dominating in 2023!"

Why Office pods are dominating 

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What is a soundproof office pod?

A soundproof office pod is a compact cabin for the workplace in the office with noise-cancelling technology. The versatile booth is designed to enhance productivity in modern offices. They offer dedicated areas for focused work and privacy (video) calls within open office layouts, without disturbing co-workers.

Here are 9 valid reasons why a soundproof office pods is worth considering:

1. Noise-canceling technology:

Once you close the door of the office pod, the noisy surrounding sound will disappear. This technology allows:

 Privacy conversations to happen in an open office work space.

You will be able to focus on (video) calls and express yourself with your tone of voice more easily than you would do in an open office.

Not disturbing your colleagues with the volume created by your conversation. 33% of the employees find loud co-workers one of the biggest annoyances in the office (source: ArboNed)

​2. Flexibility:

The office pods have wheels that are out of sight and can be used to move the units around. Re-designing the office layout was never this easy. This would not be do-able with built-in rooms. It is very convenient to move the pod around, all you need is a screwdriver and remove the carper to screw the wheels out.

Wheels of the sound proof office pods

moving the office pods

3. Clever Investment:

Soundproof office pods are flexible units. Spaces in spaces, as some people like to call it. One of the biggest advantages is that the pods are not fixed with the floor, therefor it will be very easy to pack the pods up if your company decides to move to another location. In comparison with built-in rooms or other types of workspace, this can be a sunk cost that once spent the built-in room is final.(BTW you could always sell your used pods to us in the future, we will recycle it into other pods or use it for rental for events)

4. Installation:

Office Pods are like an IKEA closets that are ready-made. It will all be set up in a couple of hours. It does not require a ton of planning, and you do not have to check in with the building-owners to see if you are even allowed to get extra units because there are no constructions activities needed. An office pod is very consequently & an easier option to manage.

5. Maintenance expenses:

This might be a follow-up point to number 4. The cost of removing a workplace unit of an office can be as much as the cost of constructing the room.


6. Spaces in spaces (Efficiency):

Office Pods are space-efficient with the most flexible options in the market within the needs of office. If your office is hiring more people, in other words to get a more noisy office, the overall options with office pods are fast with fast lead time.

7. Keeping the meeting rooms available.

It is often difficult to find available meeting space in the office, especially now. This situation happens more and more.

Appointments take place online due to hybrid working. Most offices are not (yet)

fully equipped for hybrid working. Meeting rooms are often used as a result of that.

The meeting rooms are only occupied by one or two colleagues, which can indirectly lead to frustration.

In fact, a five-year study by Optimaze showed that 29% of meeting rooms are occupied by only one person.  And 51% of the meetings are with only two or four people. The vast majority of the time, a meeting room is not fully used. This can be done much better and more efficiently with a soundproof office pod.

👉 Tip: before you purchase a pod, make a list of where the needs are of an office. Is it appointments with two to four people, or is it the video meetings that colleagues do alone that take the most time? A private poll on LinkedIn shows that 57% of the pods are used for a video meeting and 36% for a short (private) phone call. Keep in mind that this is also based on the type of company it is operating.

8. Employee Satisfaction:

Providing employees with soundproof office pods demonstrates a symbol and a commitment to their well-being and comfort.

People actually now have an extra reason to come to the office as well, knowing that they have enough places to make meeting calls if they have a lot of scheduled meetings on a day. Keep in mind that your office has to compete a little bit against the quiet home office.

The Soundproof office pods will boost employee satisfaction & retention rates, as individuals feel valued and heard in their work environment.

9. Reduced Stress:

Constant exposure to noise will significantly increase stress levels, Stress among employers will lead to decreased cognitive performance and impaired decision-making abilities. According to a recent study conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Research & Public Health, prolonged exposure to noise in the office workplace will result in a 27% increase in stress-related health issues. Soundproof office pods provide a calm environment amidst the chaos in the offices, as result a stress-free environment. By allowing employees to escape the chaos, these pods helps & restore mental clarity, reducing stress levels and enabling employers to work a lot efficiently & make better decisions.

10. Productivity boost📈

Statistics indicate that organizations & companies investing in soundproof office pods have experienced a remarkable increase in productivity in their office. According to a survey conducted by Arboned, companies that have soundproof pods experienced an average productivity boost of 18%. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine revealed in 2020 that employees working in soundproofed environments exhibited a 32% increase in task completion rates compared to those in a noisy environment.


In conclusion, soundproof office pods offer a very practical and effective solution to combat noise-related challenges in noisy offices. By providing a haven for focused tasks, enhanced privacy, and reducing stress levels, these pods contribute to a more productive & harmonious workplace. Embracing such innovative and modern solutions not only benefits employees, but also strengthens overall organizational performance.


How much does a soundproof office pod cost?

A soundproof office pod cost at least, 4500 euros if you wanted to be soundproof. 

The cheaper the office pods, the less soundproof they will be.

A piece of good advice would be to test out the soundproofing with one of your colleagues in the showroom. Put on some loud music and close & open the door.

Why are office pods so expensive?

Office pods are expensive because of the cost of the materials that are used to make it soundproof. 

Are office pods soundproof?

The office pods are not 100% soundproof. The office pods are actually not allowed to be 100% soundproof because of safety. Every person in the building should be able to hear the fire alarm. But the office pods are made to be soundproof up to 90%, which makes it impossible to hear what the person inside the pod is saying.

What is the size of an office pod?

It depends on the model of the office pods. The office pods for one person is 100 cm x 100 cm x 221 cm.

What is the delivery time of the office pods?

The delivery time of the office pods is 1 to 5 weeks.

Is there ventilation and lights in the office pods?

Yes, there is ventilation and lights in the office pods. Powerful yet quiet fans are built into the office pod's ceiling. It replaces the air in the office pods every minute, which ensures air circulation for a pleasant & fresh experience. The ventilation is turned on automatically once the pod is active. You will not be able to control the temperature within the office pods.



What are office pods made of?

Office pods are made of multiplex hardwood, acoustic layers, and a mix of steel plates


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