5 tips to convince your colleagues of agile working

Suppose you already work in the scrum team or maybe you have an agile portfolio, maybe you are even working on an agile strategy or you are working on an agile HR. How do you convince the rest of the organization that they also have to work agile? I have five tips for: you:

Don't sit in a dark cave, scrum there somewhere at the end of a hallway. No, those people are involved in the process, but also literally. Sit in the largest open space you can find, find a room with the most glass walls or even better. Just do it in the middle of the canteen or in the middle of the workplace. Show everyone what you're doing and just make sure people can see that it's fun.

Show guts, just go and try and if you go crazy, it doesn't matter at all, because that's also agile working, because when you work agile, you try something, then you learn something and then you try something again otherwise. And you will see that the result is much better next time. And maybe you'll go nuts one more time. That's okay, because then you'll have learned more.

Tip three let the result speak for you. Give as many demos as possible and involve as many people as possible. Preferably also customers, show them products and preferably also on-off intermediate products. It sounds a bit strange, but by showing intermediates, you can make adjustments and you will see that you eventually achieve much better results. And in this way you also create support, not only for you and your team and your product, but also for agile working as a whole within your organization.

Tip four: do not immediately choose a model. Maybe you are thinking about Save or you have heard of the Spotify model and then you sometimes get these kinds of questions from customers. You can come and implement our Spotify model and we have already divided an entire organization in mind: Squads, Tribes, Chapters. We always advise our customers to wait with that and just start small and grow organically. What we are looking for is what works for you and your organization and not what works for spotify.

Tip five: Agile working is more than just stand ups, a scrum ball and working on agile portfolios. It is also a philosophy. So you slowly build an agile culture. Cherish it a lot of fun.

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