For whom?

The Flexspot is designed for anyone who wants to work quietly and undisturbed at home. A Pod can be purchased for business, but of course also private. In addition to being a home workplace, the Pod can also serve as a studio, homework or study place, hobby room, gym, pool house, play area or outdoor area.


For employees

Do you want to purchase a Flexspot? You can present this wish to your employer and agree on compensation. For example, have the commuting allowance for commuting (partly) converted into a reimbursement that falls under the work-related costs scheme. Such compensation is often neutral or even favorable for the employer: less commuting costs, lower business car costs or lower costs of lease car/company car.

In 2021, the free space of this work-related costs scheme has been temporarily increased to 3.0% over the first € 400,000 in total gross wage costs. A maximum of 1.18% free space may be calculated on the remainder of the wage bill. Check with your own tax specialist what this means in your specific case.
Source: central government

For employers

The Flexspot is very interesting for employers who want to lead the way in responsible HR policy for their employees and who consider sustainability important† As an employer, do you want to encourage working from home among your employees and really give them a substantial advantage? If employers purchase a Fexspot for their employees, it remains the property of the employer. It can be agreed with the employee that at the end of the depreciation period the POD can be taken over at the residual value.

Assuming an amortization period of 5 years, the monthly burden for employers will be less than €30. An amount that is often immediately compensated by lower mobility costs. From a company car to a Flexspot!


For freelancers

When your Flexspot is purchased by a BV or by a company that is subject to income tax, the entrepreneur reclaim the VAT† Consult your individual situation with your own tax expert before making a choice.

A Pod purchased by a company can be depreciated over 5 years to a residual value. After the depreciation period, the Pod can be taken over privately at fair market value, often at residual value, and then used for any application as desired.

The purchase of your Flexspot minus the residual value is allowed, through depreciation, be deducted from operating profit.