10 tips for more overview to achieve your goals!

Do you ever lose track of your goals?

How often do you run into situations at work that you don't know how to handle? 

Do you ever worry about how you can achieve your goals? Do you only see a big pile of information and problems in front of you? Do you no longer see the forest for the trees and have you lost the overview?

I regularly coach people who want to work on their personal effectiveness.

They want to learn how to achieve their goals, but they see so many bears on the road that it paralyzes them. They want to transform the feeling of chaos into a feeling of calm and confidence, but they don't know how. I regularly hear a client say: “it's all too much, I'll never learn!” or “I can't choose anyway, I want too much for that”.

Structuring and making goals clear

I often help them by structuring their goals, dividing them into successive steps and making them clear.

This often gives a lot of peace of mind to come up with the next steps to achieve the goals.

Achieve goals

Do you want that too? Below you can find 10 tips to get an overview and thus achieve your goals.

1. Do you have in mind what you ultimately want to achieve? What are your end goals?

Describe them as concretely and realistically as possible and allow yourself enough time to achieve them.

2. Then go for yourself the process to map the final result.

Are there multiple ways? Choose the most attractive for yourself or choose a number of paths if that helps to reach your final goal more easily.

3. Cut the process into clear steps.

Define the steps by describing them in concrete terms. What is the goal of each step, how long do you want it to take and how are you going to achieve the goal?

4. Don't make it too hard on yourself if you don't have to.

Sometimes things go by themselves and small steps are also steps forward and don't be alarmed if you have sometimes taken a step back.

5. Also be willing to work hard if you need to.

Not everything has to be easy. Take on the challenge with yourself and your environment and step out of your comfort zone.

6. Is something not working? Stop it and try something else!

7. Motivate yourself by giving yourself a compliment every now and then when you are one step closer to your ultimate goal.

8. Do you feel like you haven't made any progress in a while?

Be patient!

Cologne and Aachen were not built in a day either. Some steps take time. Give yourself that time and look back every now and then to see what you've already accomplished.

9. Relax regularly.

The bow cannot always be tense. Do things you enjoy every now and then. It helps to put things into perspective and to take some distance.

10. Enjoy the process and your small and big wins.

In addition, enjoy the things that are not going well, because you learn from that too.

Good luck!